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She graduated with a degree in Business Administration from the University Dr. Jose Gregorio in Venezuela.

Her dream as a child was to be a pre-school teacher. Her experience with children started as a young 12 year old babysitting different children in her neighborhood.

As she grew older her dreams of becoming a teacher were replaced for more practical dreams of studying business and at the suggestion of her mom she obtained a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration and a full ride scholarship from the government of Venezuela. She has held multiple managerial positions throughout her life.

Genesis decided to move to United States when her mother passed away almost two years ago. She promised her mother that she would succeed and help her younger sibling out. When she moved to the United States Genesis quickly started studying and completing all the requirements to obtain a position with Amanecer Academy. She continues to study child development and is happy to see her dream of becoming a Pre-School teacher come full circle.

Working with children brings a smile to her face and in her words "the day goes by so quickly" "I play with them and I am big child at heart". Genesis loved Amanecer Academy's play based curriculum. She continues to work towards her Child Development Associate Degree and now as the Coordinator of Amanecer Tigard she gets to use her Business Degree skills as well for the management of the program.

Genesis aligns with Amanecer's philosophy that everything starts with love.

Our Staff

Our Staff